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Blood python basics

Blood pythons come from sub-tropical and tropical areas in South East Asia and require some extra care to be taken into consideration when keeping them as pets. They will need proper temperature gradient and a humid environment. They also grow to quite large size in comparison to other 'average' snakes and will need space big enough for them to move around.
Below is one of my adult females - a Sumatran blood python. She is about 35+ pounds heavy and has a huge girth. I hope this picture will give you an idea about how big blood pythons can grow and what you are getting into when buying a cute blood python baby. She is a couple inches short of 7 feet, and still is not the biggest of them all. Old females can grow to record 10 feet and 50 pounds. Imagine that, especially if you'd come accross one that's ill tempered...
Stan Gielewski and adult blood python
I have been very fortunate with all my blood pythons - all of them have been very tame. They are still very allert snakes so you have to pay attention to their moods, but once they know you and you first let them know that your are there when approaching them, most will trust you and let you handle them without any problem.


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