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Blood python feeding

In the wild blood pythons eat all kinds of small mammals, but in captivity they feed mostly on mice, rats and rabbits.
I feed my blood pythons dead rodents. I don't recommend live ones, except for exceptional circumstances. I will usually put the rodent on the floor of the cage in front of the snake and leave it there. The blood python will soon move closer to check it out and flickering it's tongue it will eventually find the head, then start slowly consuming the food. I use forecepts to hold the rat, and sometimes it takes a little bit of wiggling it in front of the snakes nose to catch the blood python's attention. They will strike sometimes and constrict the already dead rodent, but sometimes they will just 'bite' on it and start swallowing.
Below is my male breeder blood python eating a rabbit.
Blood python feeding
Blood python feeding
Here a close-up of one of my females eating a jumbo rat.
Blood python feeding
And below another female - this one is a large and super friendly 35 pound Sumatran blood python - eating a jumbo rat.
Blood python feeding
Blood python feeding
Blood pythons are impressive snakes which look massive - short and with huge girth. It does not meant though that they will eat huge meals. They shouldn't be overfed, and adults will stay quite healthy on one jumbo rat every two weeks. Blood pythons don't move around too much (although if they want to 'go' they can be incredibly agaile and fast!), so it is easy to make them obese - this is not healthy and should be avoided.

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